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I had some people round for a meal the other day and was playing "Off The Wall" as wonderful mood music. I was thinking what a genius album it is, when the conversation turned to whether it is OK to like Michael Jackson anymore.

Then on the news the next day I heard that Johnny Depp had lost his court case for libel, and was now officially a wife beater, and most likely would be shunned by the film industry and never work again.

There are a couple of fundemental assumptions in this area that I think are dangerously wrong.

  1. We or "The film industry" have the moral highground and instantly de-platform any sinners caught being less than perfect human beings.

  2. That the creators of the greatest art throughout the history of mankind must be great people as well.

  3. We as a society wiil airbrush ourselves and our past to the point that it won't just be the news that is fake.

Movements that start out with the best of intentions can often spiral out of control.

Look at the French Revolution.

Personally I don't want my head cut off for expressing things that I know to be true but are not the accepted way of thinking, and I believe that all moral zealots have deep dark closets of their own. #hewhoiswithoutsincancastthefirststone!

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