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Singer songwriter Chris Mae. Has guitar will travel.

I am a singer and songwriter born and bred in London. My younger self flirted with chart success in a band called “Perfect Alibi” who having signed to BMG/Universal had a top 50 hit with a song called “Not At Home To Heartache”. Sadly fame and fortune did not follow, but my love of music meant that I continued to sing write and perform in various guises. Now writing and performing under the name CHRIS MAE over the last couple of years I have self- released 5 Albums on CD baby: Let Your Spirit Glow, Life Sentence, Stargazing, The Tipping Point and De-Composing
They are an eclectic mixture of rock and pop songs that always try to appeal but are not desperate to be popular.
Can a musician who is no longer in the first flush of youth find an audience and a market?
I think so, but have a listen and judge for yourself. Songs are all about communicating an idea or a feeling, so lend me your ears and see if there is anything in my catalogue that speaks to you.
If you like the guitars featured on pretty much all that I do they are the work of my long- time friend and collaborator Laurence Whiteley, a seriously talented musician.
Along the way I have picked up some of the skills needed to produce. All the albums were recorded, mixed and mastered at 747 Studios in south London.
Come on in and dip your toe in the water…….you might enjoy it!

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